Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Join us at the first Pain360 Congress

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 1st Pain360 Congress, set to take place in Vienna from 1-3 December 2021.

At Pain360, in keeping with a holistic 360-degree perspective, we aim to encompass every aspect of chronic pain including, but not limited to, pathophysiology, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, outcomes, practice management, epidemiology, and healthcare delivery systems. We will explore the idea of a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and treatment – What can be done? What should be done? What do we consider the best approach?

All the excitement and buzz of personal professional enrichment is back on the agenda at Pain360, through a varied and stimulating programme with lectures and activities lead by experts in the field. This congress celebrates the opportunity to meet face to face again after such a long time, and emphasises education through interactivity, offering hands-on workshops, debates, discussions, in-person Q&A and more. We believe collaboration is key – and the programme includes formal and informal networking events for those lightbulb moments and potential connections.

Whether you are a scientist, clinical researcher, practitioner, early-career professional or part of a start-up or established company, Pain360 is your opportunity to learn, share knowledge and skills, network, and discuss new ideas and latest findings with colleagues, experts, and pioneers in pain management and treatment.

See you in Vienna!

On behalf of the Scientific Programme Directors

Jose De Andres, MD, PhD, FIPP, EDRA
Michael Gofeld, MD, PhD
Craig T. Hartrick, MD, FIPP